BrightStar Care Supplies Competent Medical Staff

The demand for healthcare services continues to increase as time passes by. It leads to the unending demand for healthcare professionals.

BrightStar Care Staffing

BrightStar Care is a home health care company that delivers medical service, non-medical service, and medical staffing. The company capitalizes on its highly competent medical staff to further increase the revenue of BrightStar Care franchise owners.

BrightStar Care supplies medical staff to various medical institutions such as hospitals, doctor’s clinic, offices, nursing home, school clinics, assisted living facilities, and to any institutions that require medical staff.

Franchisees of BrightStar Care Have 3 Streams Of Income

BrightStar is the only company that offers three streams of income, which are medical care, non-medical care, and medical staffing. Hence, BrightStar Care franchise owner will have a terrific business opportunity that guarantees huge income potential.

Shelly Sun CEO and Co-Founder BrightStar CareBrightStar Care Understands Medical Healthcare Staffing

Medical staffing is not just supplying the workforce needed in the health care field. It is more of accessing the people you want; someone who is dedicated, competent, and highly experienced in the field of healthcare.

BrightStar Care understands the demand for high-quality healthcare. Hence, it makes sure that it delivers only the best people in the healthcare world.

BrightStar Care is committed to give the clients more than what they need. It does not settle for something less. It always delivers the best for everyone.

It pleases not only the franchise owner but most importantly the clients who need the most needed support and care.

Would you like to learn a little more about Shelly Sun the CEO and co-founder of BrightStar Care? Here is an article that was done about her:Shelly Sun CEO Co-Founder BrightStar Care

Executive Profile: Shelly Sun, co-founder of BrightStar Care

It’s not unusual for business owners, even male business owners, to describe the start of their companies using the metaphor of childbirth. But when Shelly Sun tells her version, it hits closer to home, and not just because she’s a mom.

The CEO and co-founder of BrightStar Care was pregnant with twin sons in January 2005. She was wrapping up a major project at work and thought she had plenty of time to get it done before her due date. Then her doctor ordered her on bed rest.

“Because I’m a workaholic, I got a computer station set up in my bed so I could write all the operations manuals,” she said. “I filed the legal entity for our franchise on Jan. 21 of 2005 and we delivered (the twins) on Jan. 28 of 2005.

“Yes,” Sun continued with a laugh, in a tone suggesting the story has surprised people. “I filed our legal entity to begin franchising from bed, while on bed rest.”

Read the rest of the article to learn more about Shelly…..

If you are interesting in the franchising model you might be interested in a book that Shelly published, “Grow Smart, Risk Less”.


On-Going Support to Their Franchises

You can go to BrightStar Care’s YouTube Channel to view all the great video reviews about Shelly Sun’s vision received from their franchisees.  Below is just on of them.

Franchisee Matt Shriner on what it means to be part of BrightStar Care community


BrightStar Care gives more to its franchise owner; from ongoing support, reliability, efficiency, and more. If you are looking for a healthcare franchise that delivers more than what you need, then look no further but to BrightStar Care.

With a low startup cost, multiple revenue streams, and high-quality of service, you will surely get your investment return in just a short period of time. It is a great way of generating income because you get to do what you love; helping yourself while helping others.

Interested in in getting more information on a BrightStar Franchise, contact them at (877) 689-6898.

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